About Me

I was born in 1972 in Caerleon,Wales. For 13 years I was a molecular palaeontologist. I hunted for biomolecules in extinct creatures across the world - ending up in Leipzig, a beautiful city not so far from the magical Thuringian forest and the wonderfully surreal landscape of Saxon Switzerland. 

In September 2007 I left science to focus on art. Since then I have exhibited my work in Germany, Sweden and the UK, and of course in Leipzig where I still live, and have paintings and prints in private collections in Europe, the US and New Zealand.

Painting, drawing and printmaking are my way of reflecting the world around me; my reaction to the landscapes I grew up in and those I now live in and how they shape and feed my imagination and sense of self. 

I choose to work in oil paints for my larger pieces because I love the texture (and emotion) that oil can create.  For me, it is a liberating medium through which everything and anything seems possible.

I am a self-taught artist.  My style is my own, but the Expressionists’ use of colour to produce emotion, the detailed, magical jungles of Henri Rousseau, and the depiction of the English countryside and its ancient history and monuments by surrealist artist Paul Nash are all inspirational to me.  

Photo: Stuart Nielsen-Marsh