in process:Marmots and more marmots

For the June drawing of my Swiss calendar series, I decided to draw a marmot, I've been painting them also and it seemed appropriate. The drawing is called 'Magic Mountain'.  I will be starting the July drawing soon. The marmot paintings are nearly finished - just some details to attend to. On the left you can see a photo of the two together.  I'll be adding them to the website with all their details as soon as they're done.

Crickhowell open art competition 2016

My painting, The Dandelion Race, was selected to take part in the Crickhowell Open Art Competition this year. The exhibition ran from May 26th to July 4th.

'Christmas at CRiC'

A selection of my pen and ink drawings were on show at the 'Christmas at CRiC' exhibition at the Oriel CRiC Gallery in Crickhowell, Wales.

Crickhowell Resource and Information Centre, Beaufort Street, Crickhowell, NP8 1BN

Exhibition: Landscapes of Memory / Days of Future Past

27th June - 21st August, 2015 Exhibition in the gallery of the Bürgerzentrum, Herzberg (Elster-Elbe) alongside photos from Tom Nielsen-Marsh.

Konststafetten 2015

14th - 21st February Participation in the Konststafetten Art Festival at Galleri Ängel, Västerlånggatan 65, Gamla Stan, Stockholm