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I used to investigate the processes of death and decay for a living: sawing and drilling through bone were daily activities. Growing up in West Germany on army bases we were constantly moving and my parents were always taking us to museums and on expeditions to enchanted places. From an early age I fell in love with fossils and ghost stories, dark fairytales full of magic and darker forests.  I suppose this is how it all began: Grimm's fairytales, I discovered, were all around me. 

As a molecular palaeontologist my research was concerned with extinct animals and their palaeoenvironments. As an artist my focus has shifted to a much more recent past and the lives and habitats of extant creatures.  Strongly influenced by fascinations first fostered in childhood, my paintings and drawings are filled with living things and quiet places. They can be inspired by a familiar landscape, one small area of a much-loved garden, or focus only on one tree, plant or creature. I think of them as ‘collages’ of memory and place, which combine both observed and imagined elements, giving the images a dreamlike, surreal quality.  Here, you will find bones, ruins, sorcerers' towers, pathways, haunted trees, lanterns, animals, birds, streams, lakes, and a cacophony of plants and flowers and little insects. 

I am a self-taught artist. My style is my own but, the natural world aside, the following are all inspirational to me: the Expressionists’ use of colour to produce emotion; the magical jungles of Henri Rousseau; the detailed worlds found in illuminated manuscripts; European folkart, folklore and, of course, all those dark woods and fairytales...